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3 Best Headphones under $200

Headphones are now available in various designs, styles, colors, materials and prices, and offer different features. This condition gives users lots of options to choose. However, because the quality of headphones significantly influences the output voice and user’s comfort, it is important to choose headphones selectively. In this case, best headphones under 200 are a perfect choice.

Best headphones are headphones that have the best quality related to the form and style, technology and features. The form and style should enable users to listen easily, comfortably and stylishly. The technology should allow users to listen clearly without noises. Then, the features should improve users’ experiences.

The Development of Headphones

Today, headphones that are known as earspeakers have been developing really fast. Not only the form but also the features have changed a lot these days. Headphones which are colloquially known as cans are now used to listen to various types of audio and can be used on various kinds of devices. Actually, headphones that are also known as earbuds or earphones were originated from the earpiece that was used to listen to electrical audio signals. In early years, headphones were also used in telegraph, telephone and radio work. Compared to modern headphones, old headphones are far less comfortable as they have no padding. Old headphones produce unsophisticated sound quality due to the lack of accessories and advanced technology. Then, old headphones are not stylish as the design, color and style are not put into account. As long as they work, they are good. This is certainly really different from today’s headphones as they really look stylish with captivating design and color.
Basically, headphone form factors can be divided into four separate categories:
1.  circumaural,
2.  supra-aural,
3.  earbud,
4.  in-ear.
Circumaural headphones are also called as full size headphones. The basic characteristic is earcups that fully enclose ears. They are considered as a perfect choice for home use instead of portable use due to the size. Supra-aural headphones that are also known as on-ear headphones are smaller than circumaural headphones. They rest on top of outer ears, enabling users to hear the outside world. Earbuds are also known as earphones. They are fitted directly in the outer ears. They are facing the ear canal, not inserted. Due to the size, earbuds are for both home use and portable use. However, because they must be fitted in the outer ears, many people feel uncomfortable to use it. In-ear headphones are actually similar to earbuds but they are intended to be inserted into the ear canal.

The followings are 3 best headphones under $200 that are surely worth to consider.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Headphones

Even though the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B headphones are priced under $200, it does not mean that they have low quality. They are worth to buy as they are noise cancelling headphones that are almost as good as the more expensive noise cancelling headphones. When they were firstly announced, they were priced more than $300 but due to market competition, their price was reduced. Today, they can be bought at $111.29.

As noise cancelling headphones, they can reduce environmental noise up to 90% without reducing the sound quality. This allows users to enjoy good sounds. They are great for traveling as they are lightweight and compact. Users will not have any difficulty to bring this headphone. Then, the headphones can be used with most types of devices including in-flight entertainment system. They have comfortable earcups that enable users to use the headphones comfortably. The audio will still function even thought the battery is removed.

Overall, the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B headphones are one of the best values headphones under $200 because they have similar capabilities with more expensive noise cancelling headphones. With their sleek and compact design, the headphones enable users to enjoy great entertainment on their journeys. There are not any cons about the headphones because they worth the money.

Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones

If you plan to have a long session of listening in a studio, you definitely need to use the Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones. As the name implies, the headphone is intended for professional use in studios. However, they are also perfect for home use especially for those who want to have excellent sound quality. This headphone can be used for a long period of listening without creating uncomfortable feeling to ears.

The features of the Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones include 40mm neodymium driver and precisely tailored frequency response. This delivers rich bass and clear voices, optimizing all studio recording or critical listening. Superior isolation from environmental voice is provided by their circumaural design. The comfort and portability of the headphones are provided by their top quality headbands that are adjustable. The headphones last longer as their earcup pads are replaceable.

The Shure SRH840 professional monitoring headphones are a pleasing monitoring headphone that can provide amazing sound. They are comfortable for long use, allowing professionals to use the headphones in the studio comfortably. There isn’t any against opinion about this headphone because with all features and comfort it provides, it gives the best value of your money. You just need to spend $197.00 at Amazon to get this headphone.

V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-the-Ear Headphones

The V-MODA Crossfade LP over-the-ear headphones are actually a perfect choice for everyone who is looking for stylish, sleek and comfortable headphones. Whether you are an artist who needs a professional headphone or an individual who needs headphone for home use, you can consider this headphone as the first choice because even though they are best to be used with energetic music, they are also designed for smart phones. Meaning to say, with less than $200, you can have a headphone that can be used for any device.

The V-MODA Crossfade LP over-the-ear headphones have awesome sound. The headphones can provide vibrant bass, vivacious highs and vivid midrange. Analog noise isolation avoids you from any disturbing noise from outside while minimal sound leakage enables you to listen at high volume without disturbing others. The headphones are durable as they have steel frame and aircraft grade metal shields. The headband is indestructible, allowing users to use the headphones for years.

The pros about the headphones are surely about the rich feature, sound quality, strong build, and inexpensive price. The customization style is also a great reason to pick the headphone. These all great factors make most users have no complains about the headphones.
Title : 3 Best Headphones under $200
Description : Headphones are now available in various designs, styles, colors, materials and prices, and offer different features. This condition give...

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